Memories Wait Alone

Historical Fiction

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The story:

It is 1885 and Cecil Sherbowe has everything he could ever want in life. He has led a privileged childhood, raised in a large estate nestled in the plains of the English countryside. He is in line to inherit his family’s property. That is, if he can fulfill his father’s archaic wishes. Under the watchful eye of his cantankerous caretaker Ananias, Cecil is ordered to spend several months working in the poverty-stricken village of The Deverills.

Intending to break him of his vanity and pride, instead his months at The Deverills introduce Cecil to a new infatuation – a beautiful village woman named Natalie. When he is forced to choose between her and his freedom, Cecil spends years chasing after his lost love, from the Boer War of Africa to the speakeasies of 1920’s New York City. In order to reunite with the woman he loves, Cecil may have to lose everything along the way.

Reader reviews:

“Personally, I enjoy a good book whose setting is in the early 1900’s. There is something about the past+love that is stronger than any modern Romance writing. “ – Amazon review

“It is a beautiful love story with a twist at the end. The author does a fine job of catching the emotions of the different people. The ending leaves the reader with sweetness of love and how twists of fate can change everything in a minute.” – Amazon review

“Written with a sadness that kept me turning the pages hoping that there would be a happy ending, but we all know that life does not always give us what we want or desire.” – Amazon review